Sati School


“Sati” is the ancient Buddhist word for “mindfulness.”

At our Sunday meetings, while parents are meeting for meditation and discussion the children break into classes (“Sati School”) for a period of learning and playing. The class time is dedicated to learning about mindfulness meditation, values, and Buddhist teachings in a fun, engaging way, through arts and crafts, music, games, reading, and group activities. Children’s class time also frequently includes some outdoor play. Our Sati School program follows the curriculum in MFD founding teacher’s book Sitting Together.

Enrollment Age

  • Children are eligible to enroll in classes when they turn 3 years old.

  • Toddlers under age 3 may attend the Preschool class accompanied by one caregiver.

  • We have classes for 3 y/o - 8th grade

Enrollment Process

  • Families will need to fill out the new member enrollment form to provide information for each child.

  • Families must fill out an annual membership form committing to some level of donation support to fund operations. Learn more about membership here.

We are currently hiring and training new teachers for our Sati School. 

Come back soon for more information about our classes or contact us to learn more now.